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Dr. Elizabeth HorlemannHi, my name is Elizabeth Horlemann, but my friends call me Dr. Liz! I’ve created this site to help women find information on important female health topics like menopause, reproductive and sexual health, brain health, and much more. I am constantly adding new articles on female health, nutrition, and lifestyle issues, so I invite you to visit often for information that will help create a healthier and happier you. I also post information and reviews on female health products and supplements that I feel can make a difference in women’s lives. As a doctor, researcher, writer – and a woman – I have first hand knowledge that male doctors simply can’t have. How can a male doctor possibly understand what it’s like to wake up with hot flashes in the middle of the night? How could a male doctor possibly know what it feels like to experience a decrease in female libido or the frustration of painful intercourse? The truth is that many female afflictions are only experienced by women – and this often means that only another woman can commiserate and truly understand the feelings, emotions, and frustrations that can accompany a specific condition or problem. Now unlike many doctor websites, I do not “conveniently” sell  a full line of my own supplements as well as providing health information. That is important to take note of! Many doctors provide articles on various ailments, and then they just happen to have a supplement for that problem which they encourage you to buy! I will repeat that again – I DO NOT sell any products on this website. Sometimes I will recommend other products when I have tried them myself or heard good feedback from women who have used them. When I feel that the product can really make a dramatic improvement in women’s lives – such as Femestril, Hersolution, and Provestra – I may even link to the official website for people to obtain more information.  Please rest assured that I do not get paid for reviewing products on this website. I alone choose which products to write about, review, or recommend. In today’s online world – sometimes getting factual and unbiased information can be much more difficult than one would think. I have created this website in the hope that women can find useful information about health issues and solutions that can be important for a healthier, happier life! If there’s an issue or product review that you would like to see on the site, please visit the contact page and drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you! Until then, I wish you much happiness and the best of health! Take care, Dr. Liz dr. liz signature